Luna Can Do Anything

I wrote and illustrated Luna Can Do Anything as a present for my friend’s newborn baby, Luna (largely because I didn’t make it to the baby shower). I remembered how special personalized books made me feel as a child, and how much I loved coloring books - So, I figured, why not combine the two?

Luna Can Do Anything is a rhyme about what a young person is capable of, and has 24 7”x10” pages to color (or not color). Luna Can Do Anything can be personalized with any name, from the title to every page inside.

Luna Can Do Anything, original - $15 + shipping
Luna Can Do Anything, personalized - $20 + shipping

Copies available for purchase on Etsy!

Luna is a wonderful human, and Luna can do anything.

Luna can play with dolls and try on dresses.
Luna can make mud pies and get in all kinds of messes.

Luna can skate, bike, and play with a ball.
Luna can sometimes do nothing at all.

Luna can be like royalty, fair and kind.
Luna can be a scientist with a brilliant mind.

Luna can dream up stories, to scare and excite.
Luna can design craft, to soar and take flight.

Luna can laugh, with friends that are true.
Luna can have adventures, beyond the blue.

17-Luna can make music-01.png
03-Luna can make mud pies-01.png

Luna can cry when things are sad.
Luna can stand for what’s right when people are mad.

Luna can care for animals, great and small.
Luna can paint beautiful things on the wall.

Luna can make food, delicious to eat.
Luna can make music, with melody and beat.

Luna can clean up, to take care of the earth.
Luna can tell the truth, even when it hurts.

Luna can make mistakes, because nobody’s perfect.
Luna can be kind, because people are worth it.

Luna can take charge, to lead and be brave.
Luna can love Luna, because Luna is great.

Luna is a wonderful human, and Luna can do anything!